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Anime WIP #2

Another piece complete!
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d74g0n's Minecraft Anime Fight Project

  Just a little sneak peak! xD

 By the time you see this I probably already posted the video HERE and grew old and died and obscurity.


How To Succeed at Everything like d74g0n.

   You may have noticed that my skill set seems to be, very extensive.  This is a hard thing to talk about without sounding completely egotistical, but for sake of making you an "Alpha" I will risk my image xD

   To save as many words as possible; "Time Logged"

  Time logged is the key to mastering anything.  The more time logged messing with something, the more familiar you become with it, the more confident you are.  You do not need a teacher, I am unsure if teachers help speed up the process beyond supplying necessary information.  But if you have youtube, google, and some time alone, you can learn anything.  Also you can learn it surprisingly fast!

  The world is engineered to make you stupid, including the education system.  Simply put, anybody who is in charge wants to increase their families chances of succeeding against all the other people on earth.  So what has happened is 'the ruling class' as some call it, usually comprised of politicians put their families into private school, while making the public schools assbackwards.  But not only public schools, the whole system.

  Since the world has been engineered to create couch potato retarded brains en mass.  Things like Airplanes, that could fall on houses and kill massive amounts of people, including the elite, they need something more than just 'passing the test' to ensure their safety in this mock intelligence world.  So what do they use to ensure that the pilot can fly?  Time Logged.  Time logged is legit beyond any pass fail.  You cannot log the time with something and not end up a master of it after enough time.  When it comes to planes falling on your head randomly, saving lives from being lost, time logged beats all else.

  So back to learning instruments.  When I first attempted to learn guitar I struggled with a friend teaching me and basically gave up.  This was a long time ago when the internet was as readily available, and when it was, the webpages were in early stages and basically pathetic.  So there was no Wiki to put the information at my finger tips.  This led me to have a friend teach me, and he basically supplied me verbally with how to place my hands and such, no real material.  I failed, I gave up.  It wasn't until later in life when I learned how to learn xD that I picked it up again, and within a day or two sounded like I've played a year.  But now I did have a poster with chords and such to reference during my time logging.  After I learned guitar I learned so many instruments I cannot remember the order I learned them in, but I got others to learn also, since it was mind blowingly easy to just 'Log the Time' all derpy.

   "If you derp around with a guitar, simply picking it up and paying attention to what you are doing.  Not even 30 mins a day, not even 5 days a week, then within a year to anybody on the street who doesn't play guitar, they will think you are pro." #D74g0nQuote

  ...and anybody who took my words seriously and set out to do so, has.

  I obsessively treat my life like a video game.  Constantly trying to level myself up.  I also believe some crazy things like "aging is taught".  Things like the mind-body connection are much more profound than I ever realized.  And mind and matter are perhaps the same thing.  Some tricks to maximize you levelling up of mind, is to include some sort of reading material in the bathroom, for when your 'logging' if you pardon the pun ;) .  For instance, it always bothered me that people say things about the Bible like "yeah it says this n that" and I don't think they ever read it, so for them to have such opinions without reading it is illogical to me, so yeah I read all the Bibles on the toilet.  Simply to have an informed opinion on the matter.  When I say all the Bibles, I mean most of the Holy Texts of all known major and some minor religions, including learning Ancient Hebrew to read the Bible pre-translation, yeah I learned Hebrew on the Toilet, I guess you can say I poop a lot.

  Well I guess that is enough, if not too much rambling for one day... Check out my youtube and remember:

Project - Epic of Herobrine 15k progress

  Despite the fact I may have bit off more than I usually chew with this project, I am finally making some substantial progress.  I don't want to upload the clip like I did with the last spoiler, one is enough, I also upgraded the scene below:


  So yeah this current work in progress (WIP) is moving along, A huge massive annoying shot was ehhh, almost finished today, I don't wanna show it all but I will reveal a still:

  So today I got 10 seconds of usable footage from the "Ladder Shot".  I had a controlled demolition done by fixer117, and then overlayed the Herobrine arm, Uber-masked half of it...  The natural explosions did not do the whole job, so yesterday I had made a "Blank tile" texture pack and created some TNT "Elements" for overlaying the TNT particles at will.  That went well, and now I am considering Posting all my Elements somewhere for other creative Minecraft Machinima makers to freely use but this is an idea I am stewing on.

  Also this shots end inspired the next shot, which is nice.  Just like how the Giant coming out of the water in the first scene inspired the chicken plop scene, I have some fun in store!

   So check out the original if you haven't in a while!  Let me know if you subbed on the video comments and I will give ya WOOT WOOT! Woot woot woot woot! So Who am I?

I cannot believe it is almost at 50k views already!  <3

That Last Post You Made...

... Fake and Gay!
You're Fake and Gay!


d74g0n Rant - Maslow 1943

   I have actually wanted to make a video on the following subject, (if I stay on topic lol) for a long long time,  but it is very hard to express myself clearly about it really in video form.  So I will begin my rant and in the end if you follow along I will reveal the global not so secret system of disabling you and why some religions turn out some real nut cases, bigots and idiots.

   We will start with "Maslows Hierarchy of Needs" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maslow's_hierarchy_of_needs)

   You can read the wiki article if you wish, I will just sum it up and let reason and logic do the rest:

    Abraham Maslow in his 1943 paper "A Theory of Human Motivation" outlined the path to how an individual becomes a reasonable and creative person who is able to accept facts and lacks prejudice.  I personally used Maslows Hierarchy of needs in a Court situation once to prove beyond a doubt that an institution had reversed the development of one of my children.  Personal stories aside, all I am saying is that; if it is accepted in courts, it should be accepted as true by you.  But please never just accept a statement like that without understanding the ins and outs of the logic and reasons.  So here we go with that:

    This image above is known as "Maslow's Hierarchy of needs" (Google Image Search it - the variations are very revealing and can add to your understanding quicker than reading psychology books, because it is - to me - in the realm of quiet common sense) 

   If you don't understand it, it works basically like this;  If you are in a room filling with water, the only thing you can possibly think about in this deadly situation, is future breaths and how you will be acquiring them.  As when you are going to crap yourself, you are focused on that until the emergency is over.  This pyramid is basically a map of how and where the mind focuses (to a certain degree).   So when that room is filling with water, there is Zero chance that you will be craving to learn an instrument, nor anything else for that matter that is above the bottom Tier of the pyramid.

   So when I was in court, I proved beyond a doubt to the judge that my child was hindered psychologically by the choices of an institution that eroded her lower tiers.  Her destabilized sense of safety actually put an end to her playing guitar.  To this day she still hasn't returned her focus back to creative things, and also her morals have slid backwards unfortunately.  

  So if a simple destabilization of security causes a person to be unable to reach the top of the pyramid.  Then it would be IMPOSSIBLE for someone to reach the top of the pyramid if they believe in anything resembling "Judgement day" or "the rapture" or any other "doomsday" like American fear of North Korean Nuclear attacks (News).  Do you see where I am going with this?  "Religion" (ones with raptures) and "News", once you fully understand this pyramid, are the two main enemies of individuals reaching the top of the pyramid.

   That is to say.  If you believe in a Religion that has an Armageddon you are MOST likely to be prejudice, and UNABLE to accept facts.  Which is funny because reasonable people for the most part cannot understand many religious peoples line of thought, this is perhaps due to religious peoples inability to accept facts.  So if their brains are reasoning using something as a basis of logic OTHER than fact, than what the heck good is that!?  I am not attacking Religion, I am simply outlining scientific facts.  If you fail to see that, then your not at the top of the pyramid.  I'd like to add, I am not attacking religion, but *most religion is attacking everyone, psychologically, and in fanatical cases, physically.

   Because I came from a very stable environment, and did very little thinking about Religion during my early life, but I did do excessive thinking about ethics and morality, I personally reached the top of the pyramid at an early age, and was very creative almost my whole life.  Currently I play around 100 instruments, if not all.  For I still have not met an instrument I couldn't master almost instantly.  Right now I own around 60 instruments, and usually if a family or friend go on a vacation, and also on Xmas or my birthdays, I usually receive random instruments as gifts from people almost trying to find one I cannot play.  So I have some weird instruments to say the least.  I guess I am trying to establish that I am at the top of the pyramid, I am "self actualized".

   The court thing caused me to do intense study on this topic but I had so many life examples all around me that backed this theory of motivation so it all personally was very obvious and so empowering to a parent to make a successful child; that this became one of my favorite things to think about and apply practically.


  So the more I researched, the more I found astonishing.  I could not understand how psychologists around the world, who are taught this around day one of signing up for psychology are not protesting things that attack us psychologically.  The NEWS it seems has a sole function of eroding the lower tiers of Maslow's hierarchy pyramid. 

  Personally, I avoid the News like a plague.  But after you read this you may notice that even Music radio will stop for a moment to say something like "News Flash: The unknown source that is flooding the Niagara river with sewage is still going" Basically interrupting my leisure to say "Hey your water is getting dirtier" and thus eroding the first 2 tiers away from the pyramid.  In fact once you see through 'this lens' (the lens I see through, the educated one) you will be able to categorize each news article to a specific tiers erosion.  I'd say like a conspiracy to ensure nobody can really think and accept facts. Facts like "The function of the News is to hinder the populaces psychological development" but I am not sure if this really is by design or by pure ignorance.  Fear mongers like Alex Jones are also not helping the situation at all.  Like I always say "If your shaking in fear from a Nuclear attack there is no chance you will decide to focus on learning an instrument"

   Well, for no good reason I am going to stop here.  Simply because I don't want to teach you anything, I simply want you to have a chance to escape the "information prison" society has built around you.  Do you Get it?
 "In Formation" the information you acquire puts you "In a Formation" so make sure, that formation is YOURS and not engineered by someone else.  Educate yourself if you don't understand what I am saying, I've given you a starting point.  In later blogs I will reveal associated things related to this topic and drugs, "Getting lifted" so to speak (to the top of the pyramid). But don't use drugs please, it is never a good idea.

d74g0n Rant Summary #1

  There is a psychological pyramid that was published in 1943 by Maslow, that is accepted in courts for assessing psychological damages.  This same pyramid reveals that 'The News" and "Major Religions" function as a constant psychological attack that is disabling the populaces ability to think.  It is very obvious once understood, and very easy to understand.  Falling within the realm of common sense.  I suggest you get a basic understanding of my Rant if the rant itself did not provide the needed logic.  For your life can only improve once understanding and applying it.  Suddenly all the bigotry and prejudice in the world is accounted for, and perhaps with enough educated about this; can be overcome.  Yes, the reason I am ranting, is to do the unthinkable: Provide a solution to a problem that society has not acknowledged, but is obviously the source of most of the worlds micro and macro problems. 

d74g0n Belief

   On a side note,  I do believe in a Unity Mind.  The sum of all existence as one mind.  Like the Hermetic Axiom: "The Universe is Mental" which encapsulates the whole Universe as "God" for common vernacular.  So I do believe in something, and I do believe in it wholeheartedly.  But the God I know is against religion and anything beyond common sense and morality.  When I ascended I seen all the dimensions of the Illusion, Heaven and Hell and every afterlife peel away as glints in the wrapping paper.  The final destination was not an amusement park.  When the roller coaster stopped there was nothing at all.  Just God in solitary confinement for eternity, and that 'god' was me, and I slapped my forehead and went "Oh YEAH!" and frantically went back to 'Sleep' to return to this 'Dream' with my new found understanding.  Which if you notice what happens to a mind in solitary confinement basically reveals the reason for the universe as we know it.  God in solitary confinement, along with the nature of mind in that environment.  But hey, that is just my Universe, I am not sure if all universes are the same, so-to-speak.  But think about stuff ok?  It's kinda important to the Universe.  It will make you happy and powerful in the end.  Magick is Real.  The Will is the Way.


Definition: what is a d74g0n Story?

   A d74g0n story is one that usually entails a quality of shame.  Something society deems taboo and self defaming or something so unbelievable it would be deemed a trolling, but is in fact not.  An example of a d74g0n story is:

  "I farted at work, only I didn't fart I actually shit myself.  I had to call Josie to bring me more underwear, because the brown paper towels were doing nothing for cleaning it up.  Needless to say, now I keep 2 extra pairs of underwear stashed away at work just in case." ~ d74g0n 2007

  Many people can have many embarrassing moments to share but chose not to for personal reasons.  d74g0n on the other hand embraces these moments, expounding them to the world like Dostoyevski's Idiot.  "d74g0n story" is often used in a sentence like "oh I have a d74g0n story for you..." then they relate their unfortunate yet hilarious, very human, experience.

  Also known as the "unknow it all" d74g0n continues to run a youtube channel @ http://youtube.com/d74g0n

Minecraft Block IDs & DataValues HUGE!

  A MASSIVE Minecraft 1.6 Block ID & DataValues List

Minecraft Block IDs & DataValues 1.6

Please check me out on Youtube! I am INSANE! http://youtube.com/d74g0n

D74g0ns on Twitter Project Diary

   Oh man, I have so much to say.  I think I just flooded twitter with too much blabbin so I am moving over here.  Well today I finally finished my "d74g0n's on twitter" song that I started about a week ago (in concept anyways) when baconftw tweeted that I should advertise my twitter or something because I was complaining about having few followers.  Perhaps I am lonely and sick of Facebook I dunno.  I don't even rock a mobile phone.  I hate phones.

   So I am going to describe the whole process that I underwent over the past week kinda like a journal for myself, for 'Future d74g0n' unless I die soon, then for my kids n crap.

   Ok so the only program I actually used to make the music was Reason by Propellerhead.  I got a Midi keyboard I jammed out the bass line out on.  I actually planned on using more bass patterns, like making an actual progression and such but while working through the song I looped the one bassline for working on other parts of the song, and it kinda just stuck that way.

   So this song is basically the second one where I used Reasons: Dr.Octo Loop thingy and automated its sequences.  Basically its the first week I've been adding extra Dr.Octo's in songs for those drum fills.  I always felt my more recent electronically generated songs have lacked soul in the drums.  Well I've finally figured out the automation part of Reason, thank drum filly goodness.  Also stumbled upon a series of Tom loops that sound like Surf music or Swing drums but that is another story.

   Ok so back to "Dragon on Twitter" personally on my harddrive the song is actually called "DonT" as in D on T, dragon on twitter ofc.  So it started with the baseline, then I added a drum simply as a metronome.  When it came to trying to come up with some lyrics, a vocal line, I simply added a lead instrument and jammed on keyboard over the baseline for a while.  It totally had some 70's sound to it, I think I posted it... Lemme check and see if I can embed this crap...

  So that song embed above (until I delete it from soundcloud ha!) actually has an extra lead on top of the vocal lead.  I just was goofin off vintage retro and never thought I was going to share it.  I got lots of compliments on the beginning but usually they were "I liked the beginning" the people said "goes all Mario" whatever that means.  So the next morning I rolled out of bed on my day off work 7am because Josie was going to work and woke me up.  I decided to stay up instead of sleeping until noon and I recorded the lyrics, which I also made up on the spot as I recorded.

   I used the "vocal lead" I recorded to syllable-ically write the words, using the notes as my timing guide.  In hindsight I wish I didn't record it that morning.  Because I can hear in the song, the... loss of quality basically.  Although I don't actually cringe while listening to it, the whole premise of a song being about twitter kinda makes me sick ethically lol.  So I recorded about 5 layers of singing for each line and mixed up the pan so one dude is in one ear and such, then posted what I had there on soundcloud:

   Many times I am really lazy on these quick projects like "I am a Miner" where I don't even use my good mic.  Well for DonT I actually set up that MXL USB.006 condenser Mic.  Not that I feel I tweaked the setting to my liking.  Another 'con' to recording first thing in the morning when I roll out of bed.

   So yeah, you can hear from embedded song probably what I mean by: "almost cringe worthy" ha!  Atleast this project is done.  Oh wait no it isn't, I still need to make a video on YouTube so I can get some subscribers to come over and follow me on twitter!  

About the video

  So I had this idea to combine Camera Mod in Minecraft with Adobe After FX so make a interesting video that is somewhat like a timelapse that is controlled by audio.  Where buildings can grow and shrink to be like the lights on a stereos equalizer, the graphical level monitor thingy.  So the gist of this video is, I shoot walking down a path many times over, the exact same walk, so I can crossfade to any of the takes seamlessly.  With the scenery changing in all of the takes it would look like the trees are growing and shrinking to the beat along with other things.   This project with the Audio controlled Camera Mod walking layers had nothing to do with the twitter song.  Infact this Music-ma-jig Effect I was working on was already shot before I conceived of the twitter song.  Only it was about half the length and a little rough.  When I originally abandoned the project it was because the formulas I had written for the Opacity levels was not functioning properly.  Something about the math formula just needed some tweaking.  So now faced with a Task list of projects I started that I should finish and Twitter song video being on there with Music Video-ma-jig I thought I'd kill 2 birds with 1 stone. The video took me forever to get together and I struggled to find the d74g0n head parts I know as "The Ancient Head" I originally made for the how the universe was formed water mod glitch video way back.  At any rate I did find it, also it's eye's backwards.  My right eye is supposed to be Red, looks like the songs profile pics are wrong to I better fix that.  Hermes says, that the Red eye is right.  Well check out the video, Since the music-ma-jig wasn't long enough, I threw is some old d74g0n desktops in there for me to head.  Levi's Baphomet inspired perhaps.  Which is also the inspiration for d74g0ns skin.  Well check out the video:

  So yeah it turned out alright I suppose.  This wasn't a project that I think could possibly blow up globally like Gangnam style, so how much time could I really justify for tweaking?  So perhaps you could do me a solid and tweet me sometime that you read all this crap to let me know someone is interested in things like reading and d74g0n. xD  This is mostly for me and perhaps my kids, so no hard feelings if it's not your style. Party on! Peace.


d74g0ns Pixel Sun Resourcepack 3.0

I've put together a Resource pack!  Check out the Hilarious video for da full effect?

Fancy Diamond Sword!   

oh wait, only MINE says d74g0n, yours wont don't worry!

crafting table top

 crafting table front

crafting table side

Awesome ender pearls!

The Pixel Sun diamond sword!

Mediafire Link:

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(Also it has fancy water)

d74g0ns Magick Diary #1

Early 2005 -- First Encounters with Occult basically.

   I was working under Usurper97 at a greenhouse when I met an interesting person.  This guy was kind of a "goofy stoner" always laughing missing things, like: "Did you do the thing?" and he'd just go "Uhhhhh" crack a huge smile and say something like 'I uh forgot" and start laughing.  Well this guy was a "Mage".  OMG if I tell you all the details like this, this story will be a novel.  Ok, well "Stan" we'll call him, told me a story of how he discovered he was a Mage.  He told me he knew, because "his hands were smoking".  His story was unbelievable to most people but luckly I actually had the same experience a few years before when I was a rapper.   

   I can't remember the year musta been 2000-2004 or so, I had produced 2 rap albums, with Apokalypz and Ethikz, Apok was the real deal, very good friend of mine.  I had been staying with him like a giant rapper sleep over party, producing beats 24 hours straight, laying tracks, working non stop, never video games.  This lifestyle had me done with hassle girlfriends driving me nuts, I can't even remember who it was, but it was someone I dated for like 3 years who was like betraying me or something to try to get me back kinda thing... Anyways it was the day that I 'let her go' I let go of all that stress, it was over.  I had plenty enough to keep my mind from idling, friends, equipment, skills, I figured I could finally focus on what I was good at; music.  So this epic feeling of relief happened when me and Apok were chillin after I told her on the phone and it was done.  I felt like I was glowing.  I remember imagining like an aura around a tree outside and thinking we were all connected, I even feared the whole universe was gonna turn aura like and I was gonna trip out or something.  I remember all that so good for some reason.  So after that, I thought I seen a wiggle of smoke like not far infront of my nose, and I kinda freaked again, thinking there was a heater on my lap or something I missed, some fire in my lap...  but there was nothing.  So I'm looking at my hands and I see this smoke... like a candle that was blown out will stream a line above it of smoke, kinda like that but there was a bulb of it around the last piece of each finger and thumb.  It's funny cause I actually forgot about this for a long time after, it was this phenomenal moment that's about to happen, and maybe from adrenalyn or something I crazy brainwash forgot about it somehow.  Well this is what happened.
    So Apok was working a pc or something not paying attention to me, so after like staring at it for 30 seconds to ensure that it IS there, I asked him in a way that kinda implied I had something written on my skin faintly; "do you see anything on my hands?" and i held my hands out.

He said "Dude, your hands are smoking."

   That moment was one of the first "Phenomenal Moments" of my life.  Where, shit they don't teach you in school happens.  Where "crazy Sh*t" happened.  Oddly enough, as aforesaid, it was forgotten for months.  So now when something unbelievable happens, I write it down, just incase that sneaky mindwipe happens again. ;)
   Stan said when he seen his hands smoking, we immediately went to google and found something that said "If your hands smoke that means you are a Mage" I couldn't stop laughing when he told me, but what do I know, or "Who knows?"
   Ok so Stan the Wiccan man started playing poker at my place on weekends and had his friends come and they started attesting to parties where Stan was doing his own Magick thing while they were all watching TV and I dunno what he did but they all saw a energy ball form in the floor and jumped back toppling the couch backwards.  When I knew they were not yanking my chain I decided to delve into Stans understanding of this Magick stuff.
  He showed me how he uses chants and candles or whatever the spell he found online says it needs.  He doesn't understand any of it, just knows for this do that, as the internet said.  But it always worked for him.  When I finally checked his materials, I was blown away, I woulda started laughing but didn't want to offend him or anything.  Most of it looked like it was written by little kids.  Funny little angsty children.  The worst rhymes I ever seen.  Basically I thought, there is no way I would say any of that, I would be embarassed to God, angels, demons, dem aliens entities, whatever is out there.  Personally I don't even think of them like angles and demons, I think of everything simply as unidentified life.

   So I got Stan to bring his spells over, and he showed me how to change the color of my eyes.  This is all before I Youtubed but I was a philosopher artist, trying to figure everything out, then recording original songs everyday about what I've learned.  So he had a rhyme and a red candle "cause you need the candle to be the color you want it to change to" he did it all tickety boo.  So I wanted a mirror for when I did it, and yeah I was totally skeptical of him and stuff, well not of HIM, I knew he believed what he was saying/doing, but I wasn't sure if some sort of hypnosis was happening... I am merely reporting my observations now to avoid all imaginations.
   So I went into the bathroom for use of a mirror, and just Willed my eyes white.  It took only like 2 seconds for it to start, like a milk flowing over all the darker parts of the eye.  I freaked right out!  I didn't know exactly what was happening, I didn't know if I could undo it after a certain point, I didn't know if it was another life form or apathy like death happening, anyways it was scary as shit, but never did effect my vision, I only got 2/3rds done before I was like "No no no no no" rubbing my eyes, it was confirmed that I could do basically what I intended to do, but I wasn't ready to take the risk of something so unknown at the time.  Also I didn't really have an exit strategy, a dispel concept, almost like I didn't really even take a mental snapshot of my eyes to later restore them, to will them back.
   All of this was most intriguing.  Magick was real.  It wasn't limited to spells that work, or magickal items you can obtain... it was, whatever you Will.  Like your Will to live is what magickally makes you breathe, unconsciously.  Your unconscious will is what forms tomorrow, dictates fate, as far as your Beliefs will allow.
   Also when talking about placebos let it be known that the is infact a placebo effect with the mind as science statistics has shown us.  This can be used to our advantage, by enhancing probability of things when in effect.  There is so much causality, in fact there is no Random in the universe.  So everything you do has great effect on the proceeding of the universe.  So with that in mind, when you set out to try and Cause Change, you can know that even the mere act of following that choice has already caused great effect on the framework of the Matrix.
                                                                                               ~ d74g0n


d74g0n Resource Packs

So I am currently getting into making custom Animated textures for resource packs... been having fun with that all day... Although the process can be a bit lengthy indeed!

So I ended up using Adobe After Effects to do the animating part, then render it out to a PNG sequence for Photoshop.  But THEN the pain in the ass begins...  It took me a few times to get the process right, but the breakthrough came when I placed all the PNG's into a photoshop canvas 256w x 6144h (for 24tiles/frames)
by highlighting the entire directory/sequence then dropping them on the canvas.

At that point Adobe went through a placing each image process, where i could use the numerical x,y and scale % at the top to ensure correct placement.  (with aid of a calculator, x=0 always if you set the anchor point to top left.. otherwise x=128 with 256p textures then y=0,256,512... incrementally)

Once I figured out the above method, I cut the time down substantially.  I hope whoever needed this information found it on this obscure blog post! xD

I will make a video and forum post for these Resource Packs once they are Finalized.
make sure to check my youtube to stay upto date on what im producing!

That Screenshot Video #1

Most people come to this blog by looking for Screenshots - so here's my screenshot archive put to my home made music archive! #1

Make sure to check me out on youtube!  I'm nuts always producing my crap.  Like crazy nutz...

Spent all day making crazy animated resource packs today!

How about that for friendly Crafting bench top? :P

Being an artist is fun.  You should do it more, yourself!